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Hello and welcome to Kingston

Working in partnership with Kingston Council, we provide frontline support to new Ukranian residents arriving via the family sponsorship or Homes for Ukranians schemes.

We can assist you to get access to healthcare, welfare and housing as quickly as possible.  This service is free of charge.

In the first instance, register by email with 

Our support for newly arrived Ukrainians

  • We can support you with various tasks such as

  • applying for a National Insurance Number

  • Universal Credit

  • Child Benefit 

  • Bank account

  • School places 

  • English classes

  • Work opportunities

  • Housing

  • Psychological counselling

  • Leisure facilities for you and your family.

Home Office Arrival Routes from Ukraine

* You may hear the term "Route 1" and "Route 2"

If you have applied to bring your family from Ukraine via the Family Visa Scheme, you are "Route 1".

* If you have been provided a home by a host who applied to support Ukrainians  fleeing the war under the "Homes for Ukranians" Sponsorship scheme, you are "Route 2".

Entry via both routes 1 and 2 entitles  the incoming family members aged between 18-64  to apply for Universal Credit (UC)  welfare benefits from as soon as they arrive in the UK. 


* If they have with them dependent children aged 19 or under, they will also be able to apply for Child Benefit, subject to income thresholds (please ask for further details if this could be relevant to you).

* Route 2 visa holders are entitled to £200 per person from the local authority and the host can received £350 per household per month for up to SIX months.

* If you come for an appointment, please bring your passport and Biometric Residence Permit, if you already have it.

Please note we do not have any information on visa processing times or have the ability to escalate visa processing as this is managed by central government's UK Visas and Immigration service. Ukrainian nationals in the UK can also contact 0808 164 8810 if you need assistance.

  • For download links to Kingston Council welcome packs in Ukrainian click here.

  • If you are arriving in the UK through the Homes for Ukraine scheme, you can read the government's fact sheet in English, Ukrainian and Russian on their website.

For emergencies and urgent queries only please call the contact centre on:

0208 8547 5000 and ask for the Ukraine Arrivals & Queries Team.

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