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Ramadan Iftars at Kingsnympton Park

The Lunch Club shut down in April because of Ramadan but was replaced by three fantastic Ramadan iftars. For those who aren't familiar with Islam, Ramadan is the nineth month of the Muslim lunar calendar and fasting from dawn till sunset on every day of this month is one of the 5 pillars of Islam. It is a very challenging part of our religion but it is also a wonderful month which brings people and families together.

The iftars were a last minute sort of thing and we didn't have a real idea of how many people would come but we had an amazing turnout! 46 people came for the first iftar despite the pouring rain. Over 65 people attended on the second and third iftars. Most people came with a dish so we had a lot of food to share between us.

Two local councillors were invited to attend and Councillor Farshid Hashemi was warmly welcomed and invited to share the meal with us as were other residents from the local community. Some of the volunteers and staff from Surbiton Community Fridge joined us as they have contributed so much to making the Out to Lunch Club a possibility (they provide all the ingredients for our regular lunch club).

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