Kingston United for Ukraine

Working in partnership with Kingston Council, we provide frontline support to new Ukranian residents arriving via the family sponsorship or Homes for Ukranians schemes.

We can assist you to get access to healthcare, welfare and housing as quickly as possible.  This service is free of charge.

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Welcome to Kingston!

Practical support for migrants living, working or studying in the Kingston area
Community Members

Non-profit community advocacy and outreach organisation giving advice and guidance to vulnerable migrants living, working or studying in or around Kingston and South West London.  Our clients originate from all over the world, many come from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.  

Our core staff are supported by volunteers who undertake a bespoke and accredited training programme to ensure the quality and relevance of advice they give to migrants and their communities in the local area.  

Are you interested in joining our volunteer adviser team?

If you can offer a couple of hours of your time every fortnight, and especially if you can speak another language aside from English, we'd love to hear from you.  

Advice Sessions

Our service supports migrants, some of whom are refugees, whose first language is not English, they may have poor literacy skills, and are unfamiliar with the system of life in the UK.  Our trained advisers can assist clients through practical issues on a wide range of subjects, most commonly housing and rent arrears, debt, benefits and their welfare rights, education and access to health. 

We help them to resolve their practical problems and show how to avoid them in the future.  

Our phone lines are open Monday to Friday 10am - 5pm.   

 Our drop-in sessions are on Mondays and Fridays between 10am - 2pm.  

Other times are available during the week by appointment.  

Please call or email to to make an appointment.  

Telephone: 020 3488 0638 / 07394 923278

Supporting Community Integration

Our aim is to ease the integration journey for migrant people now living in the local area.  

Families and individuals that are better supported to deal with practical issues will settle in their new environment more quickly. This will ease their journey into work and will also help them to access statutory and third sector services in an appropriate manner.  

We create opportunities to engage people, to show them how to help themselves as individuals and as groups, whilst also managing their expectations of local services.  


English classes, Training & Workshops


Take every opportunity to learn

2nd Floor Kingsgate has been home to our community learning space where - pre-Covid - we held:

  • ESOL classes,

  • healthy eating and parenting workshops

  • basic IT skills sessions

  • women-only fitness classes.

Some childcare spaces are available during these courses.

Developing Community Groups


Diverse groups share many similar needs

Counselling Services


Getting the Help You Need

Culturally sensitive counselling services, sometimes in non-English mother-tongue, are an essential part of the support people need when they are facing problems they need help to resolve.  

Our partners, Islamic Resource Centre, offer affordable and accessible counselling to help community members, from any ethnic or religious background, get back on track. 

Do you know of anyone who could benefit from attending our community activities? Simply give us a call or send a message via the Contact form.

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